Horses throughout America and Canada, and even some humans, are eating our cookies. Thanks to you, we are now in barns worldwide, and the Paddock is getting bigger everyday. We would love to hear about what cookies you and your horses enjoy. Your feedback is important to us. Please email your thoughts and pictures to


These respected professionals endorse and treat with Paddock Cakes:

I’m not the kind of guy who notices what treats horses get, but I must say our horses really enjoy Paddock Cakes, which are the only treats I give. When I finish a round in the show ring, Lisa, who works for me, gives our horses a Peppermint Pocket. Lisa stuffs her pockets full of these small crispy cookies. When we get back to the barn, we give our horses the larger chewy Peppermint Paddies. When we need to medicate a horse we also give a Paddock Cake treat, and our horses now love to get their medicine.
Paddock Cakes are the best cookies on the market.
Hap Hansen
Hap Hansen Stables

I only treat with Paddock Cakes horse cookies. Every horse has his favorite. Andiamo, the number one 2nd year Green Regular Working Hunter in the Country loves the Banana Bites. Natsu, who won the 6 year old division of the 2007 Young Jumper Championships, loves the Gimme S’Mores. I enjoyed winning many Peppermint Paddies as first first place prizes at the 2007 Washington International Horse Show. Winning Paddock Cakes at the show was like getting two treats in one because my horses like peppermints and the cookies are tasty.
John French
Waldenbrook Farm

Our horses love your Paddock Cakes.
Jill Henselwood

Great horses deserve great care. Paddock Cakes are the best treat on the market. This is undoubtedly the best treat on the market. Once your horses try Paddock Cakes, they spit out all the rest.
Mary Manfredi
Davenport Inc.

Not only do our horses love Paddock Cakes but our 3 year old eats them as well. These cookies are delicious, all natural, and wholesome, so we feel comfortable giving them to our child. The Peppermint Paddies are her favorite. The horses’ favorite are the Gimme S’Mores.
Hope and Ned Glynn
Sonoma Valley Stables

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful healthy, natural treat for my horses. They all love your cookies, especially with the peppermint on top!  We have tried so many different cookies, and your Paddock Cakes are by far the best. We have passed them on to our friends, for their horses, and now they are hooked on them also. The best part is how quickly they arrive. Within a few days they are at my doorstep! Thanks for making our horses so happy.
Denise and Duncan Peters, DVM
Whitefish, Montana

Karl du Chateau (or Smarty as we call him) won't leave the show ring until he has had his Peppermint Paddie. He gets them when he is good and that is invariably all the time. That's the horse I won on in Friday's $30,000 Ariat Grand Prix at HITS Thermal. My dog Missy buries Pocket Paddies cookies in Smarty's stall and Smarty finds them. Smarty loves Missy for giving him cookies.
Rachel Yorke
Maple Leaf Farm
Los Altos Hills, CA

I believe in coexisting. I only treat with Paddock Cakes because I enjoy them as much as my horses. It’s great that my horses get a consistent wholesome treat and I get a new treat to try every month. Personal favorite — Prince Paddies — the Paddock Cakes with the gummy frogs!
Meredith Herman
Burgundy Farms

The horses know best and the horse really love Paddock Cakes horse cookies. The best thing is that they're really healthy. The hardest thing is keeping enough supply on hand. Eezy likes everything about these cookies. He can't get enough of them. There ain't one Laricello doesn't like. He snuffles them. Everything loves the Gimme S'Mores, and I make sure there's a few waiting for him when we come out of the show ring. There isn't a bad one in the bunch, and you get plenty of different flavors to choose from. I especially like the ones with licorice on them because as I feed them to the horses, I nick the licorice off the top of them. I also like a slice or two of the Paddock Pie with a cup of coffee.
Duncan McFarlane
Windfall Farms

Paddock Cakes are the best cookies you can give your special friends. They’re so nutritious and the horses love them. A lot of people crinkle their noses when asked if they want black licorice. But the Paddies and Pockets with black licorice on top are one of my favorites, and my grand prix horse, S & L Willie, comes galloping from the turn-out to get one. I’m also a big fan of the Treat of the Month Club. It's so exciting to see what new treat Paddock Cakes has made for my special friends each month. After eating the Treat of the Month Paddies, my horses lick their lips for a long time savoring the flavor. For some of my Christmas presents this year, I gave a full year of the Treat of the Month Club. People are so excited about getting an on going gift of Paddock Cakes for their special friends.
Tracy Fenney
MTM Farm

Here’s what our amateurs have to say about Paddock Cakes:

My horses love Paddock Cakes! It's so fun to see their faces when they know I have a treat for them. One of my dressage horses is a retired “country pleasure” horse and he’s a bit stiff in the neck. I use Paddock Cakes to entice him to stretch. It’s great fun and he doesn’t even know his own limits when your cookie is in front of his nose! I also reward my horses with Paddock Cakes after a great workout. It makes me feel good that I’m giving them a treat that is really nutritious! The Treat of the Month is fun to receive. I find myself looking forward to what Sharmin will come up with next. Keep the ideas coming.
Kari Bovee
Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Gimme S’Mores that I bought at the South Point Horse Show in Las Vegas were great. My horse can’t get enough of them. Whenever I take out the box, her eyes get so wide it’s hilarious. Thank you for the treats. My horse and I both love them.
Zari Zapinsky
Blue Ribbon Riding Academy

Best cookies that I’ve ever had. I don’t know if they’ll be any left for my horse.
Lara Brown
Huntridge Farms, Fair Oaks, CA

CRUNCH! Smack! CHEW! Lois' sister sent us our first container of Paddock Cakes. I thought it was silly. After all, she's a show jumper with a champion horse, and it looked to me like your cakes were something just for owners of very fancy horses. Well, I was wrong.

Our Tex and Jake are 100% registered quarter-horses. And they're 1000% nuts about your horse pastries. Paddock Cakes may look like the treats we had at camp as kids, but all I know is that ever since my wife and I started showing up with your horse confections of marshmallow, licorice, and peppermint, our guys say "hi" in a whole new way. When we just jiggle the box, they make that sort-of a "d*** I'm glad you're here" horse noise you wish they'd make when you just show up. I guess we should feel insulted. And, hey, speaking of peppermint, if you've never experienced the CRUNCH of peppermint in your horse's mouth, well, you don't really appreciate peppermint.

We've signed up for regular shipments because the horses love them so much. Thanks! With really sincere appreciation from our Tex and Jake!
Jim & Lois Mintz
Boerne, TX

All my "boys" look forward to receiving their peppermint, red licorice and black licorice Paddock Cakes. I can't get any one of them to pass by my tack box. They know EXACTLY where they are! (it really upsets the grooms!) Thank you, you guys have an excellent product. Keep up the good work!
Debbie Gardiner
Hillsborough, CA

I purchased a container of your Paddock Cakes at the CDI show, Rancho Murieta last month. How can I get some more? My horse loves them and I love the fact that they have a nutritious element along with the candy. I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. My daughter loves them for a snack too. The ingredients all looked natural, so she had a taste. Now I have to hide them!
Debbie Darrin
Napa, CA

Greetings from Harrisburg!
Thank you for these wonderful horse treats. Wish you could have witnessed our horses this weekend licking their chops after eating their Peppermint Paddies peppermints and the S’Mores with the marshmallows. They became incredibly attentive every time one of us turned their way — very funny as our horses are used to a lot of treats and yet these were different! Our vet was also so impressed with the ingredients.
Penny Coulter
Davenport Farm

I just recently found out about your horse cookies. My name is Sam and my horse’s name is Jac. I am 17 years old and Jac is 10 years old. He really likes cookies. We bought the the variety jar (that comes with a mix of peppermint, red licorice and black licorice on top of the cookies). Jac loves them all. I found the cookies at the Pebble Beach Horse Show.

I really like the cookies because my horse loves them all. I just think your cookie idea was a really good idea. My horse’s favorite is the one with the peppermint on top. I haven’t tried the banana or the frog ones yet. I would love to try them. I chose this kind of cookie just for my horse. I think that I will keep buying more and more of your horse cookies. I am trying to get my whole barn into using your cookies.

I hope my horse gets to try all the cookies your company makes. I will keep checking your website for new cookie ideas.

Sam Marcovitch and Jacadi De Rox
Santa Rosa, California

These tasty treats are very popular around my barn. First timers unfamiliar with Paddock Cakes don’t realize that they’re for the horses. I found them cramming the treats into their own mouths! I warned these newcomers to guard and protect them as they are a highly prized commodity and tend to disappear if not closely watched. Second timers want to know where to get them as they want to further spoil their already spoiled horses. Happy baking!
Beverly Hull
Willow Gate Farms
Moorpark, CA

My barn is always well stocked with Peppermint Paddies because it makes my horses happy and in a pinch it freshens my breath. In all seriousness, I love giving my horses such a wholesome and tasty treat. Can’t show without them.
Susie Saladino
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I plan on calling to order more Paddies but I just wanted to give you feedback "straight from the horses mouth." I have given my 2 horses all kinds of treats
over the years, but none have ever put the look on their faces that your cakes do. They absolutely love them. I appreciate also how naturally they are made. Thanks again for making such a nice product. Thanks from Sultan (black 8 year old Tennessee Walking Horse) and Nugget (5 year old chestnut Haflinger).
Laura Cloukey, MD
Wrentham, Massachusetts