are a chewy 1-ounce size cookie that last a long time and make a big impression. Paddies are the perfect treat for before or after you ride. Paddies are a great way to remind your horse it’s you hopping on, and to thank your horse for a great ride back at the barn. Paddies are the main cookie featured in the Treat of the Month Club where every month you get cookies topped with a different candy to match the season. Check out the Treat of the Month Club calendar. Paddies topped with candy are called Candy Paddies. Paddies without any candy on top are called Good n Plain Paddies. are smaller, thinner, and crispier than Paddies. They’re about half the size of Paddies. Pockets fit in your pocket, thus the name, and don’t crumble while you ride. Pockets make a great training aid in the ring, and traveling companion on trail rides. All Pockets come topped with mini-sized candies. Gimme S’mores are 2 Pockets with half a marshmallow, toasted over an open flame, sandwiched between the Pockets. Horses think of Heaven when they eat S’mores.
Paddock Pies are moist 9-inch round cakes, which we bake for you and beautifully custom decorate with candy. Paddock Pies are fun to give your horse, or share with your barn, for special occasions or on a whim. For the chefs in the Paddock, we also have dummy proof cake mix kits, which allow you to bake your own cake at home.

come in 2 lb and 4 lb jars, 15 lb buckets, and 15 lb refill bags. Treat of the Month only comes in 2 lb jars. The mixed assortment of Paddies, with peppermint, red licorice, and black licorice, only comes in the 1 lb bag, or 15 lb bucket and refill bag.

The 15 lb buckets fit in our show trunks. Ordering the 15 lb bucket at $102.56, as opposed to the near equivalent of four individual 4 lb jars at $33.57 each, saves you about $30. The 15 lb refill bags at $92.31 give repeat customers an additional 10% discount. The refill bags are only available to previous bucket buyers. So, keep your buckets and pour your refill bag into your empty bucket! The 15 lb buckets and refill bags are by far the best value. We offer you a steep discount because we want to earn your long-term business.

come in 2 lb and 4 lb jars. Because the Pockets are small and so hard to make, Pockets are not available in the 15 lb size. Remember we make every cookie by hand.

  Paddock Cakes can be shipped to you anywhere and on any schedule. We can ship to you one time only, monthly, bi-monthly, or whenever you wish. You can set up a delivery schedule with us in advance, or you can call or email us when you have a cookie emergency. We recommend planning ahead. We can customize your shipments to follow you as you show throughout the country. We can also stop and start your deliveries, with a simple phone call or email, to accommodate your travel plans or the changing number of your horses. Our goal is to make cookie deliveries easy and dependable for you. We use UPS for all our shipments, and get discounted rates which we pass onto you.